80 percent of heart disease is preventable

I liken living with an alcoholic to living in a war-zone. Like one who lives in deceit, I stone myself and call for help Your wound grows and grows It slits my throat from vein to vein. I put sand in you wound, I put in your wound a giant, and around myself I light the fire. This is my life. There are hundreds of stories and resources for addicts. With addicts there is just always something. Of course, I have empathy for addicts too. So much in fact that I belittled myself by staying with one for seven years. I remember the night I decided to stop walking on tip-toes. I realized over the years I had become less of myself.

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Originally Posted by ttz I just had a life changing thing happen to me. I am a non smoker who started dating a heavy smoker. It was a very big mistake. I have had a very hard time dealing with this for some reason and feel it has changed me forever. The whole ordeal has left me depressed and devistated. I have always been against smoking as I saw what my Dad went through, he was a chain smoker for 33 years until he was set free when he lucky for him got very sick for 10 days and was hospitalized; when he left the hospital he thought he better not light another up as he had gone this far and made it!

Pipe Smoking Health. From Pipedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Chemistry and Toxicology Research; So a pipe smoker, on average, is a more laid back person. Second, smoking a pipe is very relaxing. You just can’t be angry when you are smoking a pipe.

The spectrum of this sunny color can enhance a bright and energizing mood as well as richly warm the comforts of home. And the healthy aura of orange doesn’t stop there – thanks to the plethora of the nutrients associated with orange-colored fruits and vegetables, consuming orange foods can help your overall health. Eat orange for overall health The abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and phytonutrients in orange foods are good for your skin, eyes and heart, and they may also decrease your risk of cancer.

The best-known nutrient in orange foods is beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant which gives sunny fruits and vegetables their brilliant color. Experts say beta carotene is not only good for eye health it can also delay cognitive aging and protect skin from sun damage. Beta carotene is a precursor for vitamin A, which is commonly referred to as retinal, retinol and retonoic acid. Vitamin A is important for night vision, as an antioxidant can neutralize the damaging free radicals in the body, and is crucial in the health of your immune system.

Orange foods are chockfull of vitamin C, an antioxidant which boosts the immune system, protects against cardiovascular disease and helps rebuild collagen in the skin. The tasty array of orange-colored fruits and vegetables Get your fill of orange fruits, including cantaloupe, peaches, oranges, guava, papaya, persimmons, kumquat and mangoes. Flavorful and warmly-colored orange vegetables include pumpkin, sweet potato and winter squash.

Tips for cooking with orange fruits and veggies Dice orange fruit and add it to cereal, salads and desserts, transform it into a fresh salsa or relish, or puree it for smoothies, sauces or cool soups.

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It has made more good men, good husbands, kind masters, indulgent fathers, than any other blessed thing on this universal earth. It may explain why pipe smokers are generally regarded as patient men—and philosophers. I could have almost lent my support to any institution that had for its object the putting of tobacco smokers to death…I now feel that smoking in moderation is a comfortable and laudable practice, and is productive of good. There is no more harm in a pipe than in a cup of tea.

You may poison yourself by drinking too much green tea, and kill yourself by eating too many beefsteaks.

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References Introduction The published work on smoking initiation, maintenance, and cessation, together with descriptive examinations of the trends and themes of cigarette marketing, has provided insights into why women start to smoke and why they continue. Research on the social, cultural, and personal factors that influence women’s smoking has been based on the social and psychological theory of the past several decades, and this research has burgeoned in recent years. Because smoking initiation among, maintenance and cessation among, and tobacco marketing to women have been studied by investigators using a variety of disciplinary perspectives and approaches, no single organizing framework exists for addressing the question of why women smoke.

The research has shown that like most behaviors, tobacco use or nonuse results from a complex mix of influences that range from factors that are directly tied to tobacco use e. Factors Influencing Initiation of Smoking Overview of Studies Examined Nearly all first use of tobacco occurs before high school graduation, and because nicotine is addictive, adolescents who smoke regularly are likely to become adult smokers U.

Research on smoking initiation has, therefore, focused on adolescents and has been informed by a wealth of behavioral studies. Predictors of use of tobacco and other substances Conrad et al. Many efforts have been made to provide either a theoretical basis or an integrated framework for examining influences on smoking initiation. As a step toward an integrated approach, Petraitis and colleagues suggested that factors affecting tobacco use can be classified along two dimensions-type of influence and level of influence.

These authors suggested that three distinct types of influence underlie existing theories of tobacco use-social, cultural, and personal.

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We study the effect of the recession on health outcomes and risk behaviour in England. We exploit data on about households from the Health Survey for England for the period — and capture the change in macroeconomic conditions using regional unemployment rates and an indicator variable for the onset of the recession. Our findings indicate that the recession is associated with a decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked – which translated into a moderation in smoking intensity – and a reduction in alcohol intake.

The recession indicator itself is associated with a decrease in fruit intake, a shift of the BMI distribution towards obesity, an increase in medicines consumption, and the likelihood of suffering from diabetes and mental health problems. These associations are often stronger for the less educated and for women. When they exist, the associations with the unemployment rate UR are nevertheless similar before and after

Mind, my ex was a heavy smoker (20 a day, smoked in his flat). He wouldn’t compromise at all, we did talk about moving in but then realised we both disagreed on the smoking policy. Could be hopefully this guy won’t be anything like my slobby selfish ex, a lot of smokers go to great pains to conceal the smell.

Other Damage Tobacco Kills Most people think of cancer when they think of tobacco use. Tobacco does cause a wide variety of devastating cancers. However, tobacco kills even more people through heart disease and stroke than it does through cancer! About , people die each year in the United States from smoking-related heart disease and stroke, and about , die from smoking-related cancer.

The remainder of the smoking-related deaths, , , are from lung diseases other than cancer. Following is a list of the deadly diseases and other long-term effects of smoking and chewing tobacco. Heart Disease Hypertension high blood pressure. Congestive heart failure — Ineffective pumping of the heart leads to an accumulation of fluid in the lungs. Coronary heart disease — Narrowed arteries lead to heart attack and death.

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Share this article Share A study of 1. The benefits also apply to men, said scientists. And last year German researchers found that even life-long smokers who gave up smoking later still experienced a massive 40 per cent reduction in the risk of heart attack and stroke within just five years. The study followed nearly 9, German people aged between 50 and 74 years for ten years. The images, uploaded to Vine, show the lungs of a smoker – blackened and with reduced capacity – and a healthy set of a non-smoker Even those who were well into old age were able to reverse some of the damage they had inflicted on their body.

And earlier this year a gruesome video emerged of the damage caused to lungs after just 60 cigarettes. Ryan Au, a teacher at Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial School, in Hong Kong, made a gruesome the clip after becoming concerned about the number of secondary school students taking up the habit. It is obvious to even the naked eye that the lungs exposed to cigarette smoke become seriously discoloured. Indeed, while the non-smoking lungs remain a healthy pink colour, the smoking ones take on a yellowish-brown hue.

Earlier this year another video revealed what smoking just 60 cigarettes can do to the lungs.

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Despite the fact that the negative aspects of smoking are well documented, many people still choose to smoke on a regular basis. Those who choose to smoke take on day-to-day lifestyle changes that can change the way they interact with others and drastically affect their personal health and hygiene. Your health is at risk when smokers light up next to you and blow smoke around you. Second hand smoke has been shown to be even more unhealthy than first-hand smoke and this can have major health consequences for those who unwittingly breathe it in.

Tobacco smoke has a distinct and lingering odor that is incredibly difficult to eliminate from clothing. That constant odor can make snuggling up with a smoker more challenging than a non-smoker.

Many of us are dating again after a divorce or widowhood, and many other women over 60 have never stopped dating. But no matter where you are in the relationship game, there are a few things that you need to know about sexual health.

Read Reasons 21—30 [ pagebreak ] You may be able to cut back on your dosage of certain medications. Smoking affects the liver enzymes that process certain drugs, so smokers sometimes need to take higher doses to get the same effect. You’ll be less likely to burn down your house. One study found that people who live in smoking households were up to 6. Overall, cigarettes are the leading cause of death from residential fires.

On April 9, , a 3-year-old Texas boy burned down his family’s house after playing with a cigarette lighter. The boy, a report said , would nowattend a fire safety course.

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