A Brony Tale documentary shows men obsessed with My Little Pony

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I am a nice loving guy who will love anyone no matter what! Im also gay. I am also a brony and really like to hang out with people and also like to play videogames. My kik is PinkamenaNom. One thing is that you should msg me a crazy question no matter what is it i will answer honestly.

He can be reached through his website, philelmore. The reason it is a problem is because it facilitates the deconstruction of necessary social gender roles. Stated another way, there are or were social rules for how men and women are to behave. When men adhere to these rules, when they conduct themselves according to these social guidelines, they enjoy more success overall.

They appear and behave as if they are worthy of respect, of treatment as adult men, of female attention, of reproduction and families. These are males who have given up on female companionship, on productive work, and on adult responsibility, not because as they may or may not claim they are happier that way, but because, having forsaken adult rules of behavior and conduct, they have found that no social community of adults or adult women will tolerate them.

But when I became a man, I gave up childish things. Children grow into adulthood. Adulthood requires a casting off a childish things and ways. They break the rules and then try to avoid the consequences for their misbehavior. Left to their own devices, they will not be productive. They do not or cannot support themselves. We accept these traits as perfectly normal for childhood.

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Share 13k shares Despite this growing connection to the online world for some, there was widespread consensus 70 per cent of respondents that smartphones are weakening human bonds. Yet it is younger people who are feeling the worst effects of this. According to the study, younger people are more likely to feel depressed about their own lives after looking at other people’s social media channels, with 42 per cent of year olds reporting feeling depressed or unhappy after seeing other people’s lives online.

The surging availability of robotic sex dolls means it is easier than ever for people to rely on technology for their sexual needs. Experts have warned we will soon see a rise in the number of ‘digisexuals’. By , most people will have some form of virtual sex as casually as they browse porn today. By the majority of people will own sex toys that interact with virtual reality sex. Sex with robots will be more popular than human-human sex in Love and the act of sex is set to become increasingly separate, with relationships increasingly becoming based on more than just sex.

Nigel Hughes, board director at Havas PR, said: People aged 55 and over, meanwhile, were most likely to think AI will liberate humans from repetitive tasks, giving us more time to enjoy life. Share or comment on this article.


History[ edit ] One of the first critical reviews of Friendship Is Magic which was published shortly after the initial broadcast in October was written by Amid Amidi of the animation website Cartoon Brew , who wrote that the show was a sign of “the end of the creator-driven era in TV animation”. Fans of the show defended it against various trolling attacks from other 4chan boards, leading to a temporary ban on the discussion of anything related to ponies.

Though the discussion of the show continued at 4chan, fans created other venues to discuss it, and the fandom spread to other Internet forums.

Jan 15,  · The ‘Brony’ phenomenon is bound to raise eyebrows. But there’s no shame in loving a cartoon created for little girls, says the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Manliest Brony.’.

Share this article Share Also featured in the documentary is U. Army veteran Brian who says the animated show, which is aimed at girls aged two to 11, helped him get through tough times after returning from deployment in Iraq. A Brony known as DustyKatt, who works as a welder, motorcycle mechanic and bodyguard pictured insists that there is nothing strange about his predilection for animal toys Wearing My Little Pony proud: Many Bronies watch the latest episodes of My Little Pony, collect memorabilia and attend Brony conventions, such as BronyCon, which draws over 8, fans every year ‘Any adult, who has really gone through it all and been really thoughtful and really caring and anything like that, is going to be a Princess Celestia.

But we’re just people who like a cartoon show. That’s it’ ‘I knew that there were fans like this because people that I know had done Anime, but this kind of series was intended for a younger audience so it was a big shocker,’ she told Fox News. She talked to her friend, Canadian filmmaker Brent Hodge, about the E-mails she was getting from adult male fans, and he decided it was something he needed to document.

Mr Hodge, who worked on the documentary during , says there could be up to three million Bronies around the world, ranging from 14 to 57 years old. He also said 85per cent of Bronies are male and 84per cent are straight. In , Hasbro released the first My Little Pony toys, which became popular among young girls, leading to television specials, a movie and the first TV series that ran from to Surprised: One man who is wearing a My Little Pony outfit, says: Their popularity among young girls spawned television specials, a movie and the first TV series that ran from to The brand stuck around through the years, languishing in relative anonymity.

But all that changed in when Hasbro hired animator Lauren Faust, who breathed new life into the My Little Pony concept by creating the Friendship is Magic series.

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My name is Ryan, if you hadn’t of guessed already! I like to listen to metal music mainly but I do like other genres too! I like to read my manga and watch my anime! I also like to play on my PlayStation! Yes i watch ‘My Little Pony:

A group of U.S. servicemen are coming together to share a passion for a television show based off of the popular My Little Pony toy. These military men call themselves ‘Bronies’ as they wear.

I’m a dude playing the dude disguised as another dude! The first rule about Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club! The second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club! For the “Oh my God, it even has a water mark. The Clash of the Titans: That, or his reciting the alphabet in a way that only Nicolas Cage could. Come Out and Plaa-ay!!!

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