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Raypak offers a complete line of gas heaters to fit almost every application. Inside and out, the Raypak Digital is the result of over 50 years experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of all types of residential and commercial pool, and water heaters. So dive in and take a look at the Raypak Digital that can meet your exact needs. Extend your swim season! Your pool and spa are long term investments that you, your family and friends will enjoy year after year. Now there is an easier way to enjoy that investment more often, more reliably and more efficiently throughout the year The Raypak Digital Built to last. In addition to warming the water, the swimming season can be extended in cooler climates by as much as 50 percent. Raypak units require little to no maintenance, and typically last 5 to 10 years, or more. With over 50 years in designing and building gas heaters, Raypak has put all that experience into its newest design.

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The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the information is with you. Should this information prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair, legal costs, negotiations with insurance companies or others, correction or medical care. If this is not acceptable to you, you may not read this information. Introduction I’m Steve Litt.

Flexible Schedule 40 PVC Pipe / Spa Hose This top quality flexible PVC pipe has multiple uses: spas, pools, ponds and sprinklers – it costs a little more than rigid PVC piping, but .

I had a Jet aerator for my septic tank and the big problem was that it drew moisture one rebuild later and it is fryed again. It’s for a spa approximately 6′-0″ dia. Which gas heater do you recommend 3 h. Here is what I found on the Motor. The pool measures 20′ x 36′ and is 4′ deep in the shallow end and 7′ deep in the deep end.

The pool was minus a filter and pump. We would like to purchase a SAND filter and pump for this size pool and I would like to know what you would recommend as far as HP and filter size. Which gas heater do you recommend and approximately how much will it all cost? Also, I would like information on your dealer.

I need to replace my in-ground pool pump.

Pool Pump Looses Pressure When Kreepy Krauly Attached

We hope you find this information useful and consider us when your spa or hot tub needs attention. Hot tubs can, and usually do, have slight differences. For example the filter could be on the output pressure side of the pump rather than the input suction side. However the essential operations are identical. All hot tubs combine the same basic mechanical structure to contain the water and equipment as well as the same basic equipment to perform the same operations on the water.

From #1 selling brand Hayward comes the Super Pump – a model in quiet with superior efficiency. The Hayward Super Pump is designed to work well with any in-ground swimming pool or spa and can even handle high-capacity pools.

I’ve a little bestway pool 10ft circular model, 3ft high I filled it using our well water which has a fine black silt in it it is harmless. I’ve been running the pump for 4 hours and brushing up the floor as the silt rests quite quickly to the bottom but as this is very time consuming. I was wondering do you think a vacuum would work as well?

I use the right chemicals and have finally mastered this phew. Also, once I have the pool cleared of the silt, would it be a good idea to top up with rain water as long as it is not too old? Many thanks for your day. Thanks for the question Amy I’m glad that you finally mastered the art of pool maintenance and chemicals.

This way the silt will bypass the filter.

How Does a Pool Filter and Pump System Work?

High-gloss automotive-grade finishes lend an upscale designer touch to this beautiful spa. Rich woodgrain-look corners shine with elegance and pair well with the sleek Midnight Canyon acrylic shell. Evolution Oxford Jet Evolution Spas introduces:

Jandy Pool/Spa Heaters. The New Jandy LXi Heater. FREE SHIPPING. Jandy’s new LXi is the easiest heater to install.

Fox has been manufacturing high quality pools since and is a leader in innovation in the industry. Fox stands behind their products and we have had excellent results since our association with them started back in Fox pools have many unique features in both construction and accessories. The Ultimate pool can be installed aboveground, partially in-ground, or completely in-ground to fit any yard or slope.

The 14 gauge in-ground quality steel gives the pool unmatched strength and durability to last a lifetime. The Premier Collection, just as the name suggests, includes some of our best hot tub designs and includes our exclusive Reclina Seat and AquaFlex Massage technology. Their flagship Dream model is positioned to be one of the best hot tubs spas that you will ever experience. Saunas We carry Saunacore Saunas.

Hot tub pump is hot to the touch?

Choose from over 30 patterns! We are your one stop store for everything pool related! Our highly trained staff will make owning a pool and easy, enjoyable experience. Learn more about pool maintenance.

The spa pump connects to the spa motor and is used to force water through the jets. Without the pump, your spa can not circulate water and will not work properly. Because there are so many types and designs of pumps, the steps below are only guidelines. Performs the steps in the order shown, but use.

January 16, This pump is a great replacement for the Watkins SilentFlo series of circulation pumps the ones that keep your water moving, heated and filtered. There was an O-ring section that was hanging out of the case in the back, where the rear motor cover mates with the motor housing. The pump also did not run at all when I tried to test it with some temporary tubing and a tub of water.

Testing the hot to neutral leads showed an open circuit using my multimeter. The pump was returned and credit was promptly give. However, I still needed a replacement pump, and ordered the exact same pump from another online supplier. The pump needs to be properly primed or it won’t work at all, but when the priming is done properly as it would be in a normal spa installation , it works like a champ. The flow rate and output pressure were both quite impressive.

I had some concerns that the pump would have sufficient ability to pull water thru the filter, thru the heater, and the ozone venturi tube with the robustness needed for reliable operation, but all my concerns were put to bed by this little pump.

Hayward Pool Heat Pumps

Fountain Pumps The pump is the unseen heart of your fountain. Vinyl hose carries the recirculating water from the pump to the fountain piece where the water emerges again. Usually a small portable fountain will use a volt U. Larger fountains, in which a larger volume of water must be raised a greater vertical distance, require more powerful pumps.

When setting up these switches the Wemo app gives you the option of naming these switches along with several other options. If you only want to use one pump at a time then both pumps need to be on different circuits (they should be anyway).

CP pumps have the discharge leaving right out the center of the pump housing where as the HP pump discharge port is offset to the side. It’s taken some time but we’ve complied this list below as a guide to help you find the right replacement for pump for your spa. To keep costs down only replacement pumps have been made to cover most of the old pumps.

The list below is by no means complete but it’s close. We suggest checking twice before purchasing any pump. How to use this list. This will open a find search bar in your browser widow.

Whirlpool Spa

It has the ability to empty a 55 gallon rain barrel in approximately 18 minutes and will empty almost two barrels on a single charge This pump is designed for use with fresh and sea water only. NOT recommended for potable water. The fully submersible pump has easy operation and is battery operated so it can be taken anywhere.

The included charging station allows for easy recharging of the battery to ensure your pump is never inactive due to not having batteries on hand.

Incorrect connection of wiring may damage heat pump or the pool/spa equipment. Damage to equipment caused by incorrect wiring connections is not covered under the equipment warranty.

Above-ground pools are the least expensive construction option, as well as the easiest to build. Most above-ground pools are prefabricated. First, the installers level off the ground to form a flat building surface. Then they assemble a perimeter track, which supports the outer wall made of metal, plastic or wood. Next, sand is spread in the pool area and lay the plumbing. Finally, they secure the vinyl liner over the pool walls, fill the pool with water, smooth the liner and fasten it into place.

As soon as the pool installers hook up the pump and filtering system, the pool is ready to go. Aqua Leader Above Ground Pools Aqua Leader combines unique design and innovative styling to create smooth round or oval above ground pools with no angular joints. Aqua Leader takes pride in their quality construction. Their world-class components include textured walls, ultra-strong uprights and top rails, solid joints, and continuous-curve top seats.

All components of the pool structure are molded using an injection process making it possible to reinforce every one of the components to curve the top seat and to use a sturdy snap-on process which eliminates most of the hardware. The walls of the pool are alkaline cleaned steel with a hot-dipped galvanized coating.

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How to Vacuum a Swimming Pool Q. How often do I need to vacuum my pool? Vacuuming should be done as often as you think. Normally, once a week is sufficient.

Aqua Leisure Pools is the number one stop for Virginia Beach pool supplies, repair, and accessories. Our pool supply stores offer repair on pool pumps and Jacuzzis, pool accessories, and fire shoppe/fire pit installation in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and other areas of Hampton Roads.

The spa pump connects to the spa motor and is used to force water through the jets. Without the pump, your spa can not circulate water and will not work properly. Because there are so many types and designs of pumps, the steps below are only guidelines. Performs the steps in the order shown, but use your owner’s manual in case of any variation in your pump model. Disconnect Power Before you begin work on your spa pump, disconnect all power running to the spa or the spa motor.

Remember that water and electricity do not mix and that failure to disconnect the power supply could result in severe injury, even death. In most cases, the power supply is a dedicated circuit breaker that can be turned off during installation, but some models may require physically disconnecting wires, or may even provide for a shut switch in some other location.

Locate the water supply and drain connectors. Be sure that the ends are free of debris, including dirt, leaves or other unwanted matter. Clean any dirt of mud from the the threaded ends. If desired, place a piece of tape over the connectors to protect them until needed. Attach the Pump Install the spa circulation pump. In general, the pump is mounted on or near the motor assembly.

Recent trends:

Inside the nose of a shallow well jet pump there is a nozzle and venturi pair. The nozzle blows water through the venturi which creates a pressure differential. Note that it may be less in higher altitudes. In this type of setup there are two pipes connecting the pump to the ejector package. One pipe pulls the water up suction while the other pipe pushes some water down drive to circulate water through the nozzle and venturi.

Jandy. Build the perfect pool environment with Jandy Pro Series professional-grade swimming pool equipment. With a full line of pumps, filters, heaters, lights, valves, water sanitizers, and the automation solutions to control it all, Jandy has the complete equipment package for any swimming pool or spa.

I would not try to directly switch this load: They also have high in-rush startup currents which are beyond the normal ratings. The benefit here is the wiring going inside is low-current, and so you can use a regular lightswitch, count-down timer or programmable timer. Insteon is another way to go. Insteon is a power-line carrier signal, which means it runs over your existing wiring. They have a high-current relay module which would be used to control your pumps.

You can then control from any Insteon-capable controller:

How to Replace Your Hot Tub Pump