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Deactivated Mossburg ex military combat shotgun: Deactivated Mossburg comabat pump shotgun: Ex military Mossburg combat shotgun – short, dark and mean: Union Arms Company deactivated pump shotgun: Old School Union Arms deactivated pump-action shotgun with damascuss barrel: If your after an antique pump shotgun then this is for you, dating from around Made by Union Arms, its a seriously rare damascuss barrelled early pump shotgun, 12 gauge, with that classic early style block coming out the rear of the breach that would take your thumb off! Latest EU specs so does racks but does not cock. US Savage deactivated pump action shotgun: Classic US deactivated combat pump action shotgun:

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WA state or MT! Yeah, there was a lot of good info in that wiki entry but you know, anyone can edit wiki. Might be factual for the most part, might not be The first weapons produced for the German army were marked with the Walther Arms banner on the left side of the slide. In the Walther banner was replaced by a secret code to indicate the manufacturer.

Walther P38 este un pistol semiautomat, care a fost dezvoltat de fabrica de arme Walther ca pistol de serviciu al Wehrmacht-ului la începutul celui de-Al Doilea Război Mondial. Acesta a fost destinat să înlocuiască Luger P08, a cărui producție era programată să se încheie în

The “ac no-date” Original, restored, and faked. Produced for a little over a month in in a quantity of about , the ac no-date is one of the harder variations to find, especially in a condition that collectors desire. Like any rare pistol or just about anything rare or valuable , it becomes the target of deception artists. Below are three ac no-date pistols.

One is original, one has been restored refinished , and one is an outright fake. Serial number is in a condition typical of a pistol that saw use throughout the entire duration of World War II. While its finish is quite worn, the action is still tight and the bore is excellent. It retains its original configuration except for the matching magazines. All serialized parts match: Serial number has been restored but still has all matching serial numbers less the magazine , and all appropriate small parts bear the acceptance marking.

Serial number is a complete fake.

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This pistol had a concealed hammer and extractor. Only a handfull of those pistols were produced because the German army decided to go for the more advanced P The grips have a very distinct look. They are checkered and have round loopholes for the lanyard.

Nov 11,  · I came across a walther p38 made by mauser in It just happens to be a russian capture. The serial numbers are x’ed out and re-marked. They don’t apear to be matching, however, it is in very good condition.

I had given up because I thought they were out of my price range. He told me that he had a P38 he wanted to show me. I tried to disguise the fact that I’d watched these sell for much more. I told him to hold it for me. I had read that the finish on these last P38s was rarely nice and dark. He counter offered the original price and he’d throw in the transfer fee for the Mauser.

Long story short, I walked out of there with two nice examples of German weapons. In my research, I learned of the die controversy; that was what made it interesting to me.

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Having a distinctive almond shaped skull with characteristic stalk-like projection resembling a pear and giving these helmets their name cabacette. Many of these were held in English church armouries from the time of the Armada, and examples were taken to the New World by the earliest English settlers, one has been found during excavations at Jamestown Island. This is a pleasing example, the rosettes and plume holder being restorations.

In all a handsome example of munition armour of the late 16th Century. In addition to being a being a famous writer, Scott was also an antiquary who assembled an important collection of arms and armour. He was a contemporary and correspondant of Samuel Rush Meyrick, and indeed commissioned him to procure items for his armoury.

Jun 06,  · This video looks at the different markings that can be found on the Luger and P38 pistol series with examples at hand. I tried to make it as straight forward as possible. It is a little lengthy.

New Item Email Price: This is a handsome revolver with a faint, but still legible, U. This is a Nagoya Toriimatsu Factory marked pistol with Item Email Price: Serial , 9mm Para. This is one of about 1, pistols ordered by the Portuguese Navy This handsome revolver has matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, extractor, yoke, and barrel with the metal retaining ab This is a seldom seen Weiss Device single-shot conversion unit for the P.

The kit was intended to be Serial b, 9mm Para. This is a double dated pistol and that has nearly all matching numbers the trigge Serial q, 9mm Para. This manufactured revolver has nearly all matching numbers no number is visible o This one is serial numbered with all matching numbers.

Deactivated Mossburg 500 ex military combat shotgun:

Walther Model P 9mm Automatic Pistol. Today in WW II: His Vice President, Harry Truman, will succeed him in only five months.

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Share Tweet by Nicholas Walther is a gun company that always seems to introduce a new innovative feature with each gun they make. Walther produces an assortment of high-quality handguns for law enforcement, military, and civilians alike. The special thing about Walther is how each of their handguns is unique from other guns in their respective classes.

Some of their guns have been enormously successful, to the point of becoming iconic, and others not so much. Here are the top five Walther pistols to own, presented in the order that they were made: First and foremost, the PPK was one of the most innovative pistols of its time. It has been so successful that numerous other famous pistols, such as the Russian Makarov, have since copied it. Walther originally released the PP in It became the first successful blowback double action single action pistol ever released.

A year later, Walther cut down the grip and barrel to make the most concealable PPK. The PPK quickly found favor as a concealment and a backup weapon with law enforcement and people across the globe. It remained a favorite for many decades.

Walther Model P-38 9mm Automatic Pistol

Liked 3, Times in 1, Posts Nice one. The Post War guns were plentiful and relatively inexpensive for a while,but the supply is gone or nearly so. Prices are going up on the run of the mill variety.

P38 Operating Instructions (multilingual – MB, source: Walther Germany). P38 Owner’s Manual (1 MB, source: Interarms(?)). P38 Owner’s Manual (edited for clarity – Thanks to Quentin for providing this). German military drawings of the 9mm Patrone: page 1, page 2, page 3, and page 4.

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Indeed, Counsel for the Danish Government was disposed to criticize the validity of the proclamation because of the absence of any western limit of the occupation.

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